Pastor’s Appreciation Sunday is a great idea and our church did some cool things for us.

But one fall, Ken and I started thinking about appreciation and how there isn’t Plumber Appreciation Week or Electricians Appeciation Week or Pet-Store-Cage-Cleaner Appreciation Week.

And even though the gift cards and dinners and trips were very much appreciated, we decided to do a turnabout and make Pastor’s Appreciation be us (the pastor) appeciating the congreation. So we had a high-level, confidential meeting with the other two pastors and their wives and we were on our way.

On Pastor’s Appreciation Sunday we invited all the people to come to an after-Sunday-night-church ice cream social. The three couples (pastors and us wives) bought gallons of every kind of ice cream and every kind of strawberry, chocolate, gooey topping imaginable. We had whipped cream and cherries and nuts and we had a party.

A couple of the pastors gave a speech about how much we appreciated the people

And we had fun.

The whole thing was easy to do and not all that fancy, but I think the people appreciated that we made the effort to appreciate them. That year we were the givers rather than the givees.


  1. My father- and mother-in-law had a tradition similar to this. For them, it took place every March, which was the anniversary of their coming to the church that would prove to be his last pastorate. On a night during that month, they would provide dinner for the entire church (she made it), and they’d have some form of entertainment (usually it was a funny video). It sounded awfully fun. We have our own version–I make the chili for our annual chili supper in January, and we tell them “thank you for being you.” (Browning thirty pounds of ground beef is an adventure–I do it in the oven!)

  2. That’s a cool idea, Allison. Thanks for sharing it.

    Maybe we could do your chili recipe on a Fun Friday, sometime. 🙂

  3. Hi Allison gave this page to me. I think this is a cool idea. I will have to think of ways for our pastoral staff to try this in our church.

  4. Hi Debi – welcome to the site. I hope you keep coming back.
    Your questions are good ones. I want to keep this going and answer lots of questions. I now have some other older pastor’s wives on here that can add their comments, too. So, hopefully this can be of help to you.

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