What do you do if someone famous comes to your church? (I figured with all the Cub excitement this week – it would be a good time to talk about this.)

I don’t mean – comes to your church to speak, but really COMES to your church, as in attends the services. Sometimes this happens because there ARE many famous Christians out there.

P. Regan was a Chicago Cub pitcher back in the late 60s and since our church was in the Chicago suburbs, he, his wife and two children regularly attended during the summer months. When Cubs had afternoon games, he would come to church and leave before the closing song – to get down to Chicago on time. Some of the other Cubs also attended, but none so regularly as Phil. (He had been raised in a Bible-believing church in Michigan.)

Dad (pastor) made a rule that no one could treat him any differently from anyone else (a difficult thing to do in a church full of Cub fans). No one could ask for tickets to a game or autographs. Dad promised that there would be a special Sunday night when he interviewed Phil and people could ask for autographs – otherwise – they were just another family.

Here is my Dad interviewing Phil on that special Sunday night.


  1. Very cool.

    I remember a very special Sunday night service at CBC when Phil came to speak to the Cubs fans there. I stood in line “forever” to get his autograph. I still have it today.

  2. Funny, the thought of famous people visiting the church has crossed my mind recently. Don’t know why. I agree with your Dad’s rule – but how did he put it in place? Did he announce it while Phil was there? Or did your Dad have time to prepare the congregation before the players attended? Just curious.

  3. Lauri, yes, I think Don S. told me about that.

    Kristy, yes, my dad announced from the pulpit that he had promised Phil and family a normal church experience and people were to treat him morally.

    Funny, just this weekend someone was telling me that the twins from the J and K plus 8 show were at their church for VBS this summer. And when something happened, one of them stated, “Well, I’M ON TV!”

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