(I usually do first drafts of my posts at the beginning of the week. When I went to put Tuesday’s post up – I found it had disappeared. So, I’m putting Wednesday’s post on Tuesday and I’ll do another Wednesday one for Wednesday – tomorrow night – on Tuesday.  🙂  )


Sometimes things get said to you simply BECAUSE you’re the pastor’s wife.

Young church lady is upset because her daughter got picked on in Sunday school and instead of going to the teacher about it – she decides to complain to you.

“I don’t know WHY you have that lady teaching! She doesn’t have control of the class and my daughter would much rather be home watching cartoons that being in that chaos.” (As if you somehow, personally picked out ALL the Sunday school teachers and particularly chose this one to annoy the young church lady’s daughter.)

Again – smile that innocent pastor’s wife smile – and sweetly say, “Have you talked to the teacher about what happened? I’m sure you could work it out.”

Unless the problem is SERIOUSLY serious, don’t get involved – and don’t bother your husband about it either.

Gently direct the complainer back to the teacher and encourage her to KINDLY mediate. (Like maybe SHE could be co-teacher and help get control.)

Defending either the teacher or the mother won’t get you anywhere and will require you to take sides – so do what you can to refrain from comment. Of course, if something can’t be worked out, someone may need to step in. Is there a Children’s Ministry Director or SS superintendent? Can they help?

In other words, when there’s a conflict between two people (and the situation has nothing to do with you), don’t get involved, but lead them to the people who can help them with a solution.

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