I think I’m gonna cheat tonight and post the same post on this blog as I did on my personal blog – because this is the story of me going to a Bible Study for the first time in my life – without being related to the pastor. Interesting to watch how I was treated – from the other side. 



Do you ever want to do something and then have to spend hours getting up the courage to do it? You know, like climbing Devil’s Tower or skiing Aspen or bungee jumping (not, that I’ve ever done any of those things)  or … go to a Bible study?


Not that Bible studies in and of themselves are all that scary – but this was a Bible study in a church where I am NOT related to the pastor and knew not one, single, solitary other lady who was also attending the Bible study.


That meant that I had to get my sometimes-very-shy-self to not only sign up for the study, but to actually show up for the study and then – actually study.


Well, the studying part is easy – but the rest took some fortitude on my part. 


But then here was the other side of the deal – I wanted to be incognito. You know, not previously related to a pastor or program designer at Awana. I just wanted to be a lady that shows up.


And so I got myself there and listened and I met some ladies.


All very nice.


So I went back again and I listened and I sat quietly and answered some questions. Then the lady (who was subbing) asked for volunteers to pray and we all bowed our heads and there was silence – and so I prayed.


But then I went back to sitting quietly – well, then she asked someone to read a verse and we were in Genesis and the verse was in 1 Peter – so I turned to 1 Peter and I read.


“Whoa,” said the subbing teacher, “You found that fast.”


Oops!  Slow down.


So, it’s going well and people still don’t know anything about me – except that my husband died and I told them that because two ladies were wanting to help a friend whose husband had recently died and wanted to know if anyone had had experience helping someone in that situation and I said, “I know what it’s like and I could give you some suggestions.” Then another lady told me that her husband who had cancer for nine years.


OK. Granted, I’m not as shy as I was at one time in my life – still it was a new situation for me.
Here are some things they did right.


1. As soon as I signed up (on a Sunday), my small group leader called me.
2. They had my name tag ready when I walked in.
3. Several of the leaders were immediately friendly.
4. The get-acquainted question was generic and unobstrusive.
5. When we break into the smaller group (about 12 ladies) everyone is friendly to each other – and there are a wide range of ladies from young moms with babies to an older lady in a wheel chair.
6. And I think I fortunately happened on a good group of fairly knowledgeable, nice people.


Kind of fun discussing women of the Bible, too.

2 thoughts on “ME AND THE BIBLE STUDY”

  1. Oh, but last night someone asked me where I worked. Didn’t make a big impression however, because although she thought her children used to go to Awana, she didn’t know anything about it – so I was able to move on to another topic.

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