It’s been awhile since I’ve introduced you to someone in our churches.

This time I’d like to introduce you to Annie (not her real name), a charming three-year-old who knew how to get what she wanted from anyone over the age of 10.

Sometimes Annie was the only little girl who would be at midweek Bible study and she liked to sit with different adults – especially those who would give her candy.

As she waited for church to start, she’d bounce from one to the other, asking for something to eat. They’d look at her sweet face and her big blue eyes and couldn’t resist. She’d gather lemon drops and chocolate and breathe mints.

Finally, her mom sat her down and had a talk. “Annie, it’s not polite to ask people to give you stuff. I don’t want you to do it again. Understand?”

Solemnly, Annie nodded “yes.”  But the very next week, she was once again begging someone to give her candy.

“That’s it, Annie,” her mother told her sternly. “Not again. No begging for food. If I hear you do it again, you will be in BIG trouble.”

“Ok, Mommy,” Annie reluctantly agreed.

So, the next Wednesday, Annie walked into church (after being reminded about 42 times NOT to ask anyone for candy) and did her cute-three-year-old saunter up the aisle.

Seeing one of her suppliers, she cuddled up and whispered, “I’m not ‘posed to ask you for candy, but if you happen to have any in your purse, I’d be glad to eat it for you.”

She got her candy.

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