dsc_0481Before Ken became a pastor, my dad gave him lots of advice which maybe we could call the Murphy’s Law of Pastoring – or maybe just realities of being a pastor.

#1 – If someone visits your church and they’re all hyper-excited and afterwards tell you that this is what they’ve been looking for their entire life and they want to get involved and … Well, you’ll probably never see them again.

If someone visits your church and they’re friendly, but not overly talkative or willing to commit – maybe have a couple questions, but not a lot … they’re the ones who are thinking it through and you have a good chance of seeing them again.

(By the way, there are exceptions to every rule – but we found the above to usually be true. Still … I can remember one family showing up at one of our churches and they totally fit the first category perfectly. They bubbled over with “This is what we’ve been looking for,” etc.  Later Ken and I were talking and said, “We’ll never see them again.” They’re still attending more than a decade later and are active and valuable members of the church. So don’t count out the enthusiastic bubblers, just beware that next Sunday they’ll probably be enthusiastically bubbling over somewhere else.)

2 thoughts on “THE PASTOR’S LAW #1”

  1. Pastor’s Law #1 really threw me for a loop the first time it happened to me. A family raved about how our church was an answer to prayer. Thinking they meant it, we had them over for supper, and it was a good time. So I was totally shocked when they never showed up again. (Though I did see the wife at Wal-Mart several times, which was awkward for both of us!)

  2. Interesting how often this happens. It truly is true. I don’t know if those kinds of people are just bubbly, enthusiastic people so they come across that way – or if for a moment they think the church really is their answer to prayer.

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