Carol, a pastor’s wife from Illinois sent this Fun Friday idea.

She and her husband have begun a monthly “Hang out with us” night. They invite four people (adults only) to their house for a night of game playing – with the purpose of just becoming better acquainted. Carol says she only serves drinks and popcorn, so there’s no preparation except to clean the house. (This is also an inexpensive way to entertain.) 

Carol says, “People are so busy that they don’t work at getting together with anyone much of the time. I am praying that this will help all of us bond with each other.”

5 thoughts on “FUN FRIDAY – HANG WITH US”

  1. This is a neat idea. Thanks for sharing!

    I heard of a young marrieds Sunday School class doing a similar idea called “Tables of Six,” where 3 couples get together for dinner. If I remember right, I believe one brings the main dish, one the side, and the other the dessert. Although if they decided to go out to eat, I’m sure that’s fine. The point is the same – to get to know each other.

    But Carol’s idea is even less prep! And a reason to keep the house clean! I like it! 🙂

  2. We’ve done Dinner for Six at our church for the last three years or so, and it has been very well-received. It’s formatted just as Kristy described above, with everyone contributing to the meal (the option of going out to eat is always there, but not many people do that). It really has been good for us–many people credit it with playing a significant role in promoting a family atmosphere in our church.

    Here’s how we do it: People are given the opportunity to sign up for DF6 in September and January. At the end of the sign-up month, I assign the groups and pass out group assignments. The groups are assigned mostly randomly (literally placing the slips of paper with couples’/single’s names upside down and drawing three from the pile), but occasionally I have to manipulate things a little more if people have recently been in a DF6 group together, etc. One couple is appointed as group coordinator, and their job is just to make sure everybody’s talking to one another about when to meet so that it actually happens. The groups are “supposed” to meet in October, November, and December for the fall rotation and February, March, and April in the spring, but we really don’t care. Whenever it works in their schedule is fine–the fellowship is the goal, and we’ve found this to be really successful.

  3. This is a good idea. Good for couples without kids, but when you add 1/2 dozen kids to the mix, it gets nutty.

    I like the popcorn and drinks only idea…works.

  4. Just an addition–we make this an “adults-only” activity and ask each family to secure their own childcare. It has worked out really well for us. I thought we might hear complaints, but we have not. I think parents understand the need.

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