dsc_0887This has been a crazy week.  Deadlines to meet by Christmas, department parties, Bible study teas, Christmas shopping – and finishing painting my bathroom. 

But – being the multi-tasker I am, I was feeling I could do it all.

Which lasted until I was hanging a mirror and baking a cake at the same time – something had to give, so I rushed the cake-baking process and no longer had the beautiful this-always-turns-out-perfectly result.

At which point, I came up with a Linda Law “Multi-tasking can result in multi-messes.”

And I started thinking about life and how busy we are, running around, doing everything possible and multi-tasking our way to catastrophe. Instead of diligently doing the thing we’re focusing on, our brain is scattered all over the place.

No, multi-tasking is not wrong and I’m sure I’ll continue to do it for a long time – but when I multi-task to the point that what I’m doing doesn’t work, then it’s no longer worthwhile. Sometimes the most important thing is to diligently complete the task that I’m doing and complete it well.

The Lord says, The plans of the diligent lead to profit as surely as haste leads to poverty.

Instead of diligently paying attention to my cake baking, I was running back and forth between mirror-hanging and dessert making. Every other time I made that dessert, the result was a delicious treat. This time, I had to trash it. Instead of diligently doing what I was doing well, I was giving my attention to something else. 

No, I’m not in poverty because of one ruined cake – but I actually am a little broker – since I had to stop at the grocery store on the way to work and buy one.

So, this week as you tie up all the Christmas tasks – remember to do what you do well.

Because multi-tasking can lead to multi-messes.

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