dsc_0857QUESTION: We get Christmas cards from a lot of people at church. What do we do in return?

ANSWER: Last week I  mentioned that the last few years, I made little bags of candy for everyone at church. Usually we attached a small card with a verse or thought on it. I stood in the church lobby after church and handed them out.

On years when we didn’t do the candy, we wrote a letter to the people and then sent it out to everyone on the church mailing list. This wasn’t the newsy-type letter with statistics about our kids’ music lessons and sports activities, but rather a devotional thought about something that had happened during the year. And we all signed it – even the kids.  We addressed them and sent them from our home, rather than have them done in the church office – because this letter was from our family to the congregation. We also paid for postage – even though it was official, church-mailing list letter.

2 thoughts on “CHRISTMAS CARDS”

  1. Around the beginning of December, our church sets up a mailbox. (A big box, like a paper organizer, with enough slots for each letter of the alphabet.) This makes it easy to get Christmas cards out to everyone and saves on postage!!

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