Our church in Michigan was connected with a nearby nursing home. The home was government run and not many of the residents had a lot of money or a lot of visitors. So, each January, our church would receive a list of the residents and birthdays. Each of the ladies was assigned two of the people – and on their birthdays, we would bake a cake for that person. We didn’t visit them, but left the cake at the front desk. (I think there was some legal/health/safety reason we did that.)

Anyhow, we hopefully brought some unexpected cheer into the residents’ lives. Might be something you could think about for your church.


  1. Kristy, I think when the management made the list, they were careful not to give us people with diet restrictions.

    Though it seems as if I remember a few times when I had to use a sugarless-cake recipe.

    But mostly it was people who didn’t have restrictions.

    I don’t think they gave us the name of everyone – just those who they felt were lonely and neglected by family

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