Ephesians 4:32  – Be kind and compassionate to one another.


Fifty-five cents.

Sometime we forget how a little kindness can make a big difference.

Like this last week.

I had stopped at Walgreens for some shampoo and took my purchase up to the cosmetic counter. One lady was in front of me, and the friendly clerk was chatting with her as she rang up the customer lady’s items.

I wasn’t paying much attention, but was looking at some hand lotion that was in a little display case at the side of the counter, but then I noticed that the customer lady was taking a very long time. I looked. Several dollar bills were on the counter, but she was rummaging through her purse for some coins. I went back to the hand lotion display. I often throw change in my purse and then hunt around for it while standing at a counter, so I wanted to be patient.

But then I heard the customer lady sigh and say, “I don’t have it. I’ll have to go home and get the rest of the money.”

“How much do you need?” I asked.

The clerk answered. “Her bill was $8.55. She’s looking for the 55 cents.”

I pulled some change out of my coat pocket and mixed in that change were two quarters and a nickel.

“Here,” I said, putting it down on the counter. “Fifty-five cents.”

“Oh,” said customer lady. “Thank you. Thank you. Oh, I can’t believe you would do that for me. Thank you so much. What a blessing you are!.”

She stared at me and then burst into tears. “I’m on disability and I just don’t have money anymore. I used to work and make a lot of money.” She sobbed some more.

“It’s ok,” I said. “I’m glad I could do it for you.”

“Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you. I can’t believe your kindness.”  She picked up her bag and left, a smile on her face.

Fifty-five cents.

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