dsc_01261. People think you can play the piano.

2. Late night phone calls don’t necessarily mean a family member is ill.

3. Some people ask you strange questions. (“YOU pay taxes? I thought pastors didn’t have to pay taxes.)

4, You know a lot of quick recipes.

5. You have at least five lessons in your brain that can be taught to any age group of children at any moment.

6. People think you like coffee.

7. You get to meet a lot of cool people and be involved in their lives.

8. You get to go to cool places (Cuba, Montana).

9. Sometimes you’d like to stay in the cool places and never come back.

10. You hurt when someone criticizes your husband.

11. People think you can sing and should therefore be part of the choir/worship team.

12. Your husband can arrange his schedule to go to parent/teacher conferences and school plays.

13. Your husband is called to the hospital on the worse weather night of the year or during Easter dinner.

14. Your kids hear the same Bible teaching at home that they do at church – it’s consistent.

15. You smile – a lot.

16. You love hearing your husband preach.

17. You meet some strange people. 

18. You know that fellowship dinner, potluck dinner, carry-in dinners and church suppers are all the same thing.

19. You know it’s a good thing you like casseroles, any color jello mixed with Cool Whip and chocolate cake.

20. You can say the books of the Bible super fast. 

21. You know there are three kinds of kids in the world: PKs (preacher kids), MKs (missionary kids) and OKs (ordinary kids).

22. Your kids know that when dad comes home from a counseling session and says something like, “Don’t ever get involved in drugs,” that the person he just counseled has a child on drugs.

23. You know how to keep a secret.

24.  You can explain how to play at least two dozen baby/wedding shower games.

25. You know you’re doing what the Lord wants you to be doing.


  1. I thought there were only two types of kids in the world: those going to heaven and those not.

    I think PKs and MKs really are OKs. PKs are just much more familiar with the church building and regular attenders. And both PKs and MKs have unfair expectations placed on them too — because in reality they are OKs, like everyone else.

  2. It all depends how you categorize them, Lauri 🙂

    I’m sure there are PKs NOT going to heaven, and of course, PKs that are – same with the other two categories.

  3. Love your list! Only one I seem to have missed out on is #8. And there could be another kid listing – the DK (Deacon’s Kid) which involves a lot of snow-shoveling, basement mopping, and staying until last to lock the doors. : ) I can do #20 because of Awana and sword drills!

  4. Hey, Wendy, I’m so glad you commented – I’ve been thinking you might have some great church ideas to add to this!

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