110_0287So, I had an interesting week.

As some of you know, Kelli and I have often been sick on our February birthdays. I think it’s hereditary.

I was not sick on this year’s birthday. No, I was very healthy, but I did manage to start the day watching someone run into my car. Not a big deal, some nasty scrapes (the car that is, not me .)

I went to Chicago twice. Once with a friend and once with the fam.

I ate at the Walnut Room (at Macy’s)which had its roots back in the 1800’s when a clerk in the millinery  department started bringing chicken pot pies to her customers to keep them full while they shopped.

We could’ve gotten pot pies on Wednesday, too, but instead opted for quiche – which was very good as was the Frango Mint chocolate ice cream pie.











The next day I went back down to Chicago with Kelli and the kids where we met Ruth (Kelli’s mother-in-law) at the Art Institute. Being that Ruth is an artist, she had a lot of tidbits to share with the kids to keep them interested and educated.

110_0292Of course there are the


 miniature rooms (you couldn’t use flash, so this is rather dark). The rooms depicted many different states and many different countries and were unbelievable in detail. For those who haven’t seen them, I can’t tell you exactly how big the rooms were, but I’m guessing a foot and a half to two feet square. (Just a guess.)

We ate in the Garden Cafe and between the looking and the learning and the eating, we were there for about five hours, so some of us occasionally took a break.



My personal favorite part of the Institute was the Yousef Karsh photography display. Mr. Karsh specialized in black and white portraits where he focused on facial expressions. His portraits included Helen Keller, Eisenhower, Churchill and Castro. You kind of wonder.  Did Fidel call him up one day and ask him to come take his picture? Truly, however, the portraits were fascinating.

All in all as we thought back over the day, we agreed we had a good time.



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