dsc_1000 So, I’m heading to church this morning. The snow is snowing. The traffic is slow. The streets are slushy.

Cars rush by me and cars rush toward me and I’m totally focusing on driving safely.

I come to an intersection and I want to turn left. I’ve been to this intersection hundreds of times before and know I must wait for the arrow.

The cross street light turns yellow – then red – and the green arrow flashes in front of me. I pull into the intersection, but then notice that the oncoming car isn’t stopping.

“Stupid,” I mumble (which is a nice thing to mumble on the way to church), “you just went through a red light.”

But then I notice that the next car and the next car aren’t stopping either and I realize that the oncoming traffic doesn’t have a red light. I look again at my arrow – yep! It says green and is telling me to go, but something has messed up the light mechanism. In fact, the lights on my side aren’t turning green either. In other words, the ONLY light that’s working correctly is the arrow. Both sides of the straight-ahead lights are malfunctioning. I ease to the right and move ahead back into the center lane and proceed to the next left turn.

As I realized how close I came to getting side-swiped (and most definitely would’ve been side-swiped if I had simply assumed the oncoming traffic would stop), I thought about life in ministry.

Sometimes we do everything right. (I DID have the green arrow.) We know what we’re doing follows God’s guidelines. (I DID have the law on my side.) Yet, the only thing we can do is hold back for a season and be patient … and maybe that means calmly stopping whatever it is all together for awhile – or maybe it means moving ahead, but going down a different road to get to our destination.

Ministry is not easy. Ministry is dealing with people who have different opinions. Ministry is working with people who sometimes put a stop to things that shouldn’t be stopped.

The Lord says (and yes, I’ve used this verse before) :Galatians 6:9 – Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.

Ministry is knowing that you have the green arrow, but patiently waiting until the road is clear or move to Plan B to get to reach your goal.


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