I have some other things to say about commitment – to answer some questions that were sent directly to my e-mail last week – but  something’s been on my mind, so I thought I’d write about that something tonight.

We talk about difficult people – but what happens when we’re the difficult person?  I mean, I don’t think we try to be difficult – sometimes it just happens.

Like has this ever happened to you?

You’re having a friendly, normal conversation with someone and right in the middle of it you say something like, “I really wonder about people who never graduated from high school (or some such comment). They must be lazy to not get their diploma with all the options available.”   (I don’t feel that way and that wasn’t what I said. I’m just stating an example.)  Later, it suddenly hits you that the person you were talking to never graduated from high school.

Then what do you do? 

Do you say something and then DOUBLY acknowledge how you feel about people who haven’t graduated from high school?

Do you ignore it, hoping against hope that they didn’t catch what you said?

You’re in a dilemma and sometimes there’s just no way out.

Aren’t you glad the Lord loves us in spite of the fact that we sometimes say things we shouldn’t say?

What do you think?


  1. This is tough. It would really depend on the person and circumstance. A lot of times I think I would just let it go … or perhaps apologize and seek to understand the issue more.

    But I guess the big question would be … Is what was said something that could hinder them or others from turning to God, hearing God’s Word or serving? If so, then something should be said.

    I’m very glad the Lord loves us in spite of our words!

  2. No, it wasn’t anything that would hinder the person spiritually and I didn’t mean for it to be mean-spirited at all. I just wasn’t thinking what I was saying and to whom I was saying it.

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