110_0012Always keep the lobby clean – that’s the first thing people see when they come in the door. If the lobby is filled with boxes, leftover jackets and discarded bulletins, the first impression will be a bad one. Check out the table or rack where you keep all the missionary newsletters, magazines, tracts, brochures, etc.  Get rid of the newsletters from 2003 and the women’s retreat brochure from 2007. Neaten the piles.  Fix it up as good as you would fix up your house when expecting company.

2 thoughts on “CHURCH RULE #1”

  1. Good advice. One of my pet peeves about places in general (and churches are often guilty of this) is bulletin boards filled with out of date flyers or bulletin boards that never change – I mean for years sometimes! Drives me nuts. : )

  2. Oh, yes, I was actually going to mention that.
    I would always go through the church immediately after some event would happen and pull down posters advertising said event. 🙂

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