Not sure what this has to with being a pastor’s wife, but hey, this is an oops! post.

So, I came home from work, pulled into the garage, and heard a fizzing sound – you know, like the air was escaping out of the tire. Immediately I thought I had run over a nail and was now reaping the consequences … or something.

I got out of the car. Tires looked fine, but the smell hit me with a vengence. Hmmmm …

Now I had my suspicions. I went into the house and tentatively put my shoe down on the floor. 

Right – green paint. I continued tiptoeing across the floor and let the dog out.  I went back to the garage and turned on a brighter light. Under the front, left tire was what was left of a can of dark, green spray paint. 

Then I noticed, that besides having green footprints in the kitchen, I now had green steps, a green recycling bin, a green can of bug spray, a green vacuum cleaner – and a most definitely green floor – I mean a huge-puddle-of-green paint floor. And no way could I get it cleaned up.

Then I realized that the next time I pulled out of the garage, I would have a green tire and leave green tracks down my driveway.  I then unrolled an entire roll of paper towels out on top of the green paint, soaking it up as best as I could and attempting to rescue my driveway and street. Nothing like having a garage floor that matches your lawn furniture.


Yes, it was annoying. Yes, it was aggravating. Yes, it was time-consuming. Yes, that green paint will be there tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow. 

But in the grand scheme (or maybe I should say green scheme), this was a blip, not a big deal.

Because I have a friend who is facing a life-changing, big deal right now. She’s had a day that she will never forget, the kind of day that challenges your desire to put everything in the Lord’s hand, the kind of day that makes you wonder and get angry and to cry.

We have days like. Hard days. Tough days. Days when knowing that God is sovereign is the only thing that counts.

Because He is. We know that.

And we can depend on that.

On green-paint days or any other kind of day.

2 thoughts on “A GREEN PAINT DAY”

  1. Sometimes it’s good to put things into perspective. Green paint, even green paint that is now all over everything, isn’t that big of deal. 🙂

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