Sometimes you gotta do the unexpected – in life – in church and in staff meeting.

Usually Wednesday staff meetings consist of verse reciting, announcements, updates or a speaker.

Today, we played games on the Awana circle. Real games. Like where you stood at the line and and ran around the pins and in for the beanbag. Some didn’t participate but more than 50 grown men and women did. 

Guess what? We had a great time. Actually a couple people I talked to agreed that we wish we had had more time to play and that it was a great way to exercise!

It’s been several years since I’ve run around the Awana circle, but it was fun and thanks to those years of playing firstbase (one pastor’s wife responsibility they didn’t teach me about in college), I was able to whip the bean bag across the circle and right into the hands of my teammate just as I was supposed to do.

Again – sometimes the unexpected is a lot of fun.

Try it.

2 thoughts on “PLAYING GAMES”

  1. I loved AWANA games – bean bag toss, three-legged race, tug-of-war, balloon relay! And the challenge of practicing the “bat the balloon over your line” game with the very low ceilings upstairs at CBC in Chums. Turned out to be a whole different game at the Olympics with those high gym ceilings! : ) We need to be reminded to enjoy the unexpected – thanks!

  2. By the way, there was a reason they did this – besides the fact that it was fun.

    Many people who work here have never been an Awana clubber or worked at a club. This was a way to introduce them to what an Awana Game Time was all about.

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