dsc_0527Ok, this first one didn’t happen to Ken and me, but it did happen to my dad and mom. I remember it well.  I was a teenager and knew the bride.

The thing is, the bride’s parents had split up when she was young and I don’t remember all the story, but her father had left town. Occasionally he would call her mom in drunken rants and then they wouldn’t hear from him again for months, maybe years.

Somehow he found out that she was getting married and threatened to show up and ruin the wedding.

The threats became serious enough that everyone began getting a little worried.

What to do?  A whole church full of people were expected and they didn’t want a man with a gun infiltrating the lobby.

The police were called.

So, while all the church people, dressed in their wedding finery were coming in the front door of the church – police covered the back of the church. Sure enough, the father did show up. The police frisked him in the parking lot as the bride said “I do,” and carted him away to prison.

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