dsc_0174dsc_0234dsc_0220Well, the 5yo and I enjoyed the beautiful day by going on a date to the far west (well, a little bit west anyhow).

dsc_0176We left after church and were there in time for the Wild West Show – an interesting show, to say the least. Having been to many of these staged shows in my life (including the one at the OK Corral in Tombstone, Arizona the town where the Erp brothers reigned), this one was truly unique.  Actually, the cowboys did some fairly fancy rope and gun tricks. One made a loop so large he stepped into it and then with his other hand, made a smaller loop inside. The gun twirling was also impressive. But the audience had to repeat that we would not play with guns nor would we jump off roofs. The only thing actually shot and hit – was a coke can. A lot of it was showing how actors jumped off roofs, shot with blanks (which still can hurt) and had a fight. The fight scene was kind of funny. They showed the kids how they did it, then did it slower and then in very slow motion (clever). The 5yo’s comment?  “That was awesome.”

dsc_0185After the show, the 5yo  gleefully and  fully participated in many other activities: canoe riding, pony riding, hand-cart riding, train riding and goat feeding –

dsc_0183dsc_0202Then he learned how to rope a horse, shoot a cork gun, shoot a bow and arrow and a slingshot.


I liked panning for gold myself – it wasn’t all that easy to find, but it wasn’t super difficult either – we found about 12 tiny little pieces.

Afterwards we went to the restaurant which is decorated in antiques and had a roaring fire.

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