dsc_0188dsc_0198dsc_0230dsc_0195dsc_0249Just a few more points –

This place will not be all that entertaining to anyone above the age of seven or eight.

However, the 5yo was impressed.

Also, I will say that the staff was extremely kid-oriented and friendly – mostly older high school and college kids who have obviously been well trained. Three of them told me that they had worked there in previous summers which I thought said something about the place.

The place is expensive – $15.00 for anyone over the age of two. However, last night when I was on the site getting last-minute directions, I noticed (that at least for May) a grandparent with a grandchild got in free.

Which was nice. Also, when you get your tickets, you get a free pass for another visit. So there are ways of getting in fairly reasonably.

A steak house ia attached – the 5yo had a child-sized pizza which he gobbled down and I had a very good hamburger.

So, if you’re looking to go west with a 5yo – here’s your opportunity.

6 thoughts on “DATE WITH A 5YO – PART 2”

  1. he had fun. thanks!
    (although he told me that you were just “faking” that he shot a bow and arrow. guess we have photo proof on that one!)

  2. It’s not that bad – I think I probably met the owner – he talked to me before I left and wanted to make sure I got my come back free coupon. But there’s really nothing to do there unless you have a little kid in tow. I just walked around watching the 5yo do stuff – I didn’t do anything – except pan for gold.

  3. Actually, he’s got it checked off – (I figured that out when I looked at his blog). He went for his daughter’s BD.

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