Obviously, I haven’t posted too much PW stuff this week – just mostly pictures.

So, I thought I would at least be consistent and finish out the week with a fun fact about something that happened.

Remember a couple weeks ago I told you about our church organist who was attacked in her house one night? The house was a cozy-looking (but large ranch) painted blue with white gingerbread trim.

In 1988, CBS aired a sitcom called Raising Miranda

A dad was suddenly left rising his 15-year-old daughter because his wife went off to “find herself.”  The dad and daughter lived in Racine.  CBS approached our church organist about using outside-of-her- house shots for Miranda’s friend’s house. Each time they used a picture of her house, she would get $250.00 or something. After talking to us and checking into it, she agreed.

However, the show only lasted two months. I guess people thought the premise too serious to be a sitcom.  We did watch all the episodes, however, looking for a shot of the house that “we personally knew.”

Alas …

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