I don’t usually comment on celebrities or make judgment calls – but since both parents of the “eight children show” have admitted that something bad is happening in their marriage, I will chime in.

I haven’t watched the show in a while, but I used to watch it. After all, I love children and these particular eight children are fun to watch. I also read some of the devotionals Mrs 8kid mom put on their website and they were ok.  In fact one of her devotionals is on Philippians 2:14 Do everything without arguing and complaining.

But when I used to watch the show, I often thought of my dad – and not for a good reason. Every time (and there were a lot of them) Mrs. 8kid mom would put down Mr. 8kid dad, I could hear my dad’s voice: “Whenever a wife criticizes, corrects or puts down her husband, she chips away a piece of his masculinity. The husband will either be reduced to a shell of a man or leave.” Dad said this over and over during his Family Living Seminars.

He would add that this is doubly true when a wife criticizes her husband in public – and I’m sure it’s triple that when it’s on national TV

I quit watching the show. I couldn’t take watching a marriage morphing into destruction before my eyes.

And now their problems are out there for the whole world to see. He says he’s tired of the celebrity. She says people are saying it’s “my fault,”  but I’m not the one making dumb mistakes. (But the whole world knows how she treated her husband.)

Well …

I hope they get some great counseling and resolve their problems.

Meanwhile, let’s be careful how we talk to family members. The Bible has plenty of verses about our speech being kind, gentle and seasoned with grace. Sometimes we remember that when we talk to others, but forget about it when it’s our own spouse or child.

God doesn’t have a different standard for different people.

Our words ALWAYS need to be honoring to Him.


  1. Great, great post. As I have watched this series, I’ve felt the same–very uncomfortable with the way she talks to him. In fact, I’d characterized it to friends as emasculating.

    I don’t want to do that to my husband–ever. In public, I feel like it is my job to present him in the best possible light, and I don’t want to “show him up” in a way that causes others to think less of him. That would be extremely disloyal, and not at all loving. Besides, I think he’s great. Why would I want to give anyone cause to think differently?

  2. She just spoke at Willow Creek a month or so ago.

    You wonder how the kids are taking all this. They must know something’s happening. Very sad.

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