PreschoolI thought I’d combine my two “careers” and write about writing this week.

So often in ministry (and this is something pastor’s wives get to do a lot), you need to design programs, bulletins, worship folders, etc. 

And if you’re like me, you always worry about forgetting someone’s name.  Here are some hints I’ve learned over the years.

1. Count the kids (or adults) in your class, department, group, etc. Then when you type the names, make sure that you have as many names as you do kids.

2. Put the names in alphabetical order. This not only solves any rank of importance problem but will allow you to catch any duplicate names.

(My dad always told me to marry someone whose name began with a letter at the beginning of the alphabet so my kids would be near the front of the line. Funny advice. I married a W and my daughter married a W – so all my kids and grandkids have last names that begin with W.)

3. Put everyone’s name on the list. If you don’t know whether someone will be there – still put their name on the list.  It’s always better to put someone’s name in the program who doesn’t show up, rather than forget someone who is there.

4. Ask someone else who knows all the kids/adults in the class, department, group to look over the program before you print it.  (Once I had a lady ask me to look over her program because she knew she was forgetting someone, but couldn’t figure out who  – one look and I laughed. She had forgotten her own daughter.)

5. Spell everyone’s name correctly. It’s no fun to have your name in a program when it’s spelled incorrectly. Who wants to keep that in the scrapbook? If you can’t figure it out, call the parents/person and ask. “I’m working on the program for the kids’ choir, how do you spell your last name?”

6. I have no idea why I’m sleeping in this picture.

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