Well, actually I think this is number four for me – but it’s the second time I took the 7yo with me. We stopped at the Mississippi on the way out and then again at the Amana stop (that is along the road).  The first ballpark pictures show Dale Klein (from work) throwing out the first pitch. Dale and his wife, LuAnn, have been to most of the minor league ballparks and have quite a reputation. I love that the capitol is in the background of the park and shines in the night. The picture of the 7yo down by the fence, is before the game. We were trying to look friendly so one of the guys would toss us a ball – it worked we BOTH got one. Then during the game, a foul ball bounced down several rows and landed at my feet. We gave it to the little boy two rows behind us, because it had actually bounced OFF his leg and he was developing quite a black and blue mark already. He was about four and big tears were running down his cheeks. The 7yo and I discussed it and thought he deserved to keep the ball.

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