Lauri sent me an idea for Fun Friday, so I think I’ll just “copy and paste” what she said.

Our pastor was telling us about another church he knew in Michigan where
they would occasionally hand out a “You done good” postcard to someone
who had done an exceptional job of serving. The card was really a coupon
that could be redeemed at the church office. The person could pick from
a variety of “prizes:”  a free cup of coffee at a local restaurant, an
ice cream cone, a free message CD, a book, etc.

I am totally going to adopt this idea and use it for my Awana leaders
this year. Anytime I notice them really doing a great job or helping us
“above and beyond the regular call of duty,” I’m going to give them a
card to redeem for something. I just have to come up with nice
somethings that our budget can afford. But what a great way to
acknowledge, reward and encourage our leaders.

3 thoughts on “FUN FRIDAY – COUPONS”

  1. Remind me to “polish” the e-mails I send to you instead of just rambling off the top of my head. LOL

    I shared this idea with our directors the other night and they also LOVED it. We are definitely using it this year. Only we’re calling them “Well Done Cards.”

  2. Sorry, Lauri.
    I told you I was cramped for time last week and would use it as is!

    Keep sending those ideas!

  3. Great idea! I love it! I randomly give my leaders little gifts, thank you for that idea, Linda! 🙂 I like this too. Leaders certainly need the encouragement! 🙂

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