DSC_0191One of the ways for churches to connect to families is by providing questions that parents can ask the children about lessons taught at church.

This is good and this works. However, our church is doing something just the opposite this summer. For eleven weeks, everyone is on the same lesson from toddlers through adults. So, while the adults are in church listening to the message, the kids are hearing the same message in their class.  And the KIDS are given the questions to ask the PARENTS.

This works. Sometimes when parents ask kids, the questions become more a lecture. “Well, why DON’T you remember it? Weren’t you listening?”

But the kids see asking their parents questions as a fun game.  Yet, they have to KNOW the answers to make sure their parents get it right.  So, for the past two Sundays, I have been grilled by my granddaughters on the way home from church.

How fun!  Although this wouldn’t work all the time. Sometimes adults need to hear messages which wouldn’t be the best choice for a three-year-old – but maybe once a quarter, this might be a fun thing for your church to try.


My week has once again been busy.

Monday I did a radio interview on a San Francisco station.

Wednesday I did an interview for a central Kansas station.

Then this morning I did one for a radio show in Birmingham, Alabama.

Tuesday, Jenny (a co-worker and I) did a Ministry Model workshop at a children’s conference at Concordia University.

And of course, tonight is the concert/open house, etc. for The David Yeager Band CD In Your Sight, I Am Sound.

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