Yes, lots of different problems can happen in a church – some you can’t even imagine UNTIL they happen.

1. You have done something that has truly offended someone. (For instance, you publically thank everyone who worked in VBS and forget the person who put in the most work.)  Sometimes these are the easiest to solve because you know what the problem is,  you can apologize and often fix it.

2. Two people in the church are upset with each other. (This can be a tough one. You can’t control other peoples’ feelings.)

3. Something has happened that’s no one’s fault. (A child slips and falls on the steps and the parents get upset).

4. Someone leaves the church because of what someone else has done to them but everyone thinks they’ve left because of the pastor. (This can be difficult because the person has asked that you don’t pass on what they’ve told you in confidence. And you don’t want to hurt the church family by blaming them for the now – non-church family because … Anyhow, this type of problem can get complicated.)

5. Someone unfairly criticizes or hurts someone else in the church.

6. Someone accuses you or blames you for something you didn’t say. The criticism is untrue and unfair. (This is probably the most difficult problem, because you can’t defend something you didn’t do in the first place.)

Tomorrow –  Team Family to the Rescue!

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