The next morning we left early – well, the plan was to leave early, but we stayed up late talking the night before, so we didn’t leave quite as early as planned.

We headed west – through Woodruff (with a stop to see the world’s largest penny. This is not an exciting stop. Do not go out of your way to stop. Ever.)


We moved on to the world’s largest loon, which is actually the world’s third largest loon – but used to be the world’s largest talking loon, but it really didn’t talk, just made loon noises. So, this is the world’s third largest non-talking, non-loon-call loon.

Once again we were on our way. Cindy had heard of a place called Copper Falls. The person who recommended it said it was worth stopping. We figured the falls were right off the road and so I turned when I saw the sign. Well, they aren’t right off the road, they aren’t even in the town right off the road, but are rather way down the road in another town. But the grounds, trails and falls were worth stopping for. The falls are in a state park and we did have to pay $10.00 to enter, but we did a lot of hiking and felt the stop was worth the price.

After rock climbing, hiking and seeing guys propose, the girls and I hung around at the playground while Jeff, Cindy and 6yo climbed up a tower to see Lake Superior in the distance, except when they got there, they couldn’t see the lake because of the trees.


We actually ended up spending a few hours there – the first of the events in the unplanned/planned vacation.

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