We reached Ashland by mid-afternoon and everyone was hungry.  We stopped at a cafe downtown and even though we got to sit at the counter (which was a thrill for anyone age 9 and under), the food wasn’t all that good. Maybe you shouldn’t trust a restaurant that has artificial flowers and washcloth butterflies hanging from the ceiling. But at least we were now sufficiently fed.

The unusual thing about Ashland (other than its Lake Superior location) is the murals. Unfortunately, we were too concerned about being fed and then finding our motel to see very many of them, but I did get this picture as we headed back to the car.


We then made our way to our hotel, carefully chosen by me, not only for its proximity to our boat boarding dock in Bayfield, but because of it’s water-park-type-swimming area and the room balconies overlooking the lake. Could I just say here – if you ever need a motel in Ashland, Wisconsin, this is the place to go. (AmericInn)  Not all that expensive, they had the above-mentioned amenities, plus bikes and s-mores and paddleboats (and some other things, too).

The kids immediately convinced their parents they needed to go swimming and I thought about going, but was enchanted by my lake view and never got there.

Here’s another selling point for the motel – among the pictures of people who have stayed there in the past was this:  DSC_0153

As the sun began to set over the lake, we went out for all-you-could-eat s’mores and as you can see, they were greatly enjoyed by all.



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