So, the next morning we got up bright and early, ate breakfast at the hotel and headed north to Bayfield. The blue sky, the blue water, the crisp air added up to a day made to order.

Cindy had made the reservations and they said we needed to get there by nine thirty in order to keep the reservations, so we arrived in plenty of time. The town was busy with people coming in for the day’s boatrides – several different types of boats go out from Bayfield – including the ferry to Madeleine Island.  I dropped Jeff and Cindy off and headed up the street to get a parking space.

Soon they were back again.

“Bad news,” Cindy said. “the boat is broken – no rides today.” She went on to say that there were a lot of very unhappy people milling around inside the boat office, quite angry that there was no warning and people traveled miles out of their way to get there.

So much for my BD present boat trip.

We parked the car. Cindy and the 6y0 went off in search of something to drink while Jeff and the girls decided to introduce me to some geocaching. This particular hunt took us up the steeps hills of Bayfield and then deep inside a wooded ravine. We walked through the woods and then crossed a bubbling brook and walked over a wooden bridge.

“Aha!” Jeff said. “I think we have it. Girls, check under the bridge.”

Soon, the 9yo came out with the the treasure.

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