Our day was quickly speeding by and we had seen a lot of scenery and walked through woods, up hills, over rocks, along the shore and out on the breakwater – but we still hadn’t accomplished any of the goals we originally had.

So, we kept going with a stop at Gooseberry Falls. I didn’t get a lot of pictures here – there were people everywhere.

And it was here that the 9yo suddenly realized she had left her sweatshirt back at Two Harbor Lighthouse – on the rocks. She was not happy. This was the shirt I bought her at camp last summer that matches her cousin’s. But alas … when you set stuff down, you gotta remember to pick it up. We had already gone about 25 miles up the road.

After Gooseberry we headed to Split Rock. Split Rock is a well-known lighthouse because of it’s beauty – I guess too well known, because other than a quick glimpse through the trees as you went along the road, you could not see the lighthouse. They had even closed the overlook where people could take free pictures.

When we got to the gift shop (always one of those), we realized it would cost about $45.00 for us to get inside the fence. Considering we had already climbed, hiked and meandered along the shore and among the rocks that day, that seemed a little high. Maybe if it had been the ONLY thing we had come to see, but as I said, we had already seen a lot of Lake Superior scenery.  So, we headed back down the road and I pulled over on some gravel. I gave Jeff my camera and he want tromping through the woods looking for a clear shot. Couldn’t find one. So he walked up to the closed overlook, crawled past all the the road equipment and took a picture. What a guy!

Here is Split Rock in all its beauty. Our one and only picture

DSC_0307By this time, we were all hungry. Evening was approaching. We had seen a restaurant on the way north called Betty’s Pies. Looked like a touristy place, but there were a lot of cars there, so we decided to give it a try. Whoa! We all really, really liked the food. Jeff said his walleye sandwich was delicious. Cindy had a reuben. One of the kids had fish sticks that were absolutely yummy. I had DSC_0310a pasty which is a meat pie. Super, super food – all of it.

And the pies were crazy. A guy at the table next to us got  pig’s trough which was about six pieces of different kinds of pie in a pie tin with bananas around the side.

We decided to buy a five-layer raspberry pie and take it to our motel for later on. I’m not one for overly rich food – but this pie was so creamy DSC_0311and light, we remarked that we didn’t even fill that full after eating it. the middle raspberry part was creamy with fresh raspberries mixed in. Unbelievably good. No wonder the parking lot was packed.

About five hours after we had been the Two Harbor Lighthouse, we once again passed the lighthouse. I pulled in and Jeff and the 9yo ran out to the rocks – and there was the sweatshirt – exactly where she had left it. Victory!

A great day – but not the day we had planned.

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