So, this morning I had an interview on WMBI – which made me a little apprehensive, because people I knew would actually hear me (unlike interviews I’ve done in South Texas or Seattle). I was to go on at 10:00 – so I did my usual routine of locking myself into my “room” and waiting for the call.

Except at 10:00 – there was no call. I was sure Moody hadn’t messed it up and couldn’t figure out what was happening. Finally, at about 10:10, I opened the door and asked someone to get a book from my desk – a book with the radio confirmation information stuck inside. Meanwhile, someone had called my brother (because they couldn’t get me), asking where I was because Moody was looking for me. And then the corporate communication supervisor came by and I talked with her – she went off to call WMBI and to talk to our PR guy.  It was chaotic! We quickly discovered that the publicist had given WMBI the wrong number to call (she had switched one number).

So, finally I get on and the interview’s continuing and we get disconnected!  That is the only technical problems I’ve had on any of the interviews – and of course, it was the WMBI one. Oh, well. Life is like that sometimes 🙂


Anyhow – back to the trip.

Our day certainly hadn’t turned out the way we expected – no Apostle Island Cruise and no Split Rock Lighthouse (except for a far away picture). We headed for our hotel in Duluth – planning on walking along the harbor the next morning, then heading back to J&C’s, stopping in Hayward for the Freshwater Fish Hall of Fame on the way.DSC_0321

Besides the harbor being beautiful (especially on this sunshiny day)  and interesting (the huge boats are fascinating) – it has the renown lift bridge. When a boat comes through, the bridge goes up on pulleys and then comes down again after the boat is clear.

Then Cindy noticed that there was a Pizza Cruise through the harbor – an hour and a half with all the pizza, soda and cookies that you can eat.  That sounded fun and a good alternative for the missed Apostle Island cruise – so off we went!  How fun!


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