WHERE: So, last weekend we headed for Indianapolis where we met the rest of the Wick crew.

WHY: To go to the Marsh Symphony on the Prairie. (Marsh as in Marsh Supermarket as in where Ken worked while in semnary – and where Kelli’s birth was announced over the store loudspeaker as shoppers picked up their lettuce in the produce aisle and bargained-shopped for mushrooms).

WHAT WAS HAPPENING: We heard the symphony play the music of Billy Joel. The evening was beautiful. The mass of people on colorful clothes (seemed to be a lot of red) was a great photo op. The kids were bouncing, dancing and jumping to the tune of just about anything played.

WHY NO PICTURES: The lack of pictures is not my choice. The brochure said no cameras, so I dutifully left it in the car – however, there were lots of cameras around. So, I missed the mass of people in their brightly-colored clothes photo op.

ANYTHING TO EAT: Their kettle corn was scrumptious. (Later the two girl munchkins and I finished it off in our hotel room while going to sleep to the background noise of the Iron Chef cooking flouder.) They were also selling big bowls of strawberries, topped with whipped cream, but I did not have any – but I’ve been thinking about them ever since. 🙂

WOULD I RECOMMEND IT: Definitely. Gorgeous night. Good music. Fun to be with family.

One thought on “TRAVEL GUIDE – INDIANA”

  1. Agreed. We haven’t done much around Indy, but we have been to Marsh Symphony on the Prairie. Very nice evening. It was swing night when we attended. They even had free swing lessons beforehand.

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