To keep you up-to-date – here are some new words added to the dictionary in 2009.

1. STAYCATION – a vacation spent at home or in your hometown

2. FRENEMY – someone acts like a friend but is really an enemy.

3. FAN FICTION – stories written by fans and posted on the Internet (these are usually continuing episodes of popular shows)

4. LOCAVORE – someone who eats food only grown locally

5. VLOG – a blog with video

6. SOCK PUPPET – a deceptive, false online identity

7. WEBISODE – an episode of a TV show that you can see on the internet

8. PHARMACOGENICS – the study of how different people react differently to the same drugs

2 thoughts on “NEW WORDS IN OUR 2009 WORLD”

  1. Allison,
    I can’t find the complete list of all 100. All the news articles have the same list of about 20, many not worth repeating.

    I’m in agreeance that it would be good to see the entire list. 🙂

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