This weekend I went to the Ministry Conference in Decatur, Alabama (by Huntsville). I traveled with Arlene, a co-worker, whom I didn’t know too well until this weekend – so that was a lot of fun getting to know her.

We flew down on Friday and headed for our motel and then the church – Westmeade Baptist.

110_0555 Usually, Friday night is when you set up your room, but since I was in the “Upper Room” (the church’s name for it) and breakfast would be served in the room the next morning, I couldn’t really do anything to set up, so I wandered around a bit, talking to people and getting acclimat


ed to where everything was. Although I did not know the missionaries real well (actually, I hadn’t met them ever before) – I did know some of the other people who were there, so it was great catching up on the news. So, after a on-site pizza supper, Arlene and I walked back to the motel.

The missionaries had worked hard to publicize the conference, having someone call every church in the area and personally invite them. This is the way the church looked about a half hour before the first session – by the time the first session began, the church was full.

Saturday morning everyone came to my room and ate breakfast – which meant I had some quick setting up to do after they left. The breakfast had been served by (I’m guessing) a senior-citizen group at the church – all very sweet, very impeccably-dressed Southern ladies. (Imagine a room full of Paula Deens.) So, as I’m moving tables and chairs, they would come and more them somewhere else.

“No!” I said, as gently as I could. “I need to set up for my workshop.”  This went on for about twenty minutes. Me moving and them removing – until they finally realized that I actually had a class in there. Then we finally started working together – and their husbands showed up and it all started again. I was laughing so hard – I felt like I was trapped in a sitcom.  But we did get the room set up.

My four workshops went well.  A lot of people stopped to chat afterwards, so I felt like a personally met a lot of leaders and I enjoyed listened to their concerns and comments.

After a pasta supper Merlin and Bev, two “old” friends drove Arlene and me over to Huntsville so she could at least see the outside of the Space and Rocket Center. The last time we were in Huntsville Ken was with me and these same great friends arranged for us to get a personal tour through the center by a man who is a NASA engineer and had worked on the original moon rocket.

The evening was beautiful and walking around the grounds was fun.

Here are some pictures –

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