Sunday morning was very warm and very humid which I would not want to live in, but was perfectly content to enjoy because very warm and very humid is exactly how Florida is supposed to be. Knowing I would have several hours on my own, I looked up the area attractions. The ocean was tempting, but I didn’t know a safe place to go and I wasn’t quite sure how to get there. The Edison/Ford Winter Estates was my final choice. I asked several people at the conference and they all agreed it was a good choice.

One of the ministry team members gave me directions and I had no trouble finding the estates tucked away on the banks of the Caloosahatchee River with the high rises of Fort Myers in the background. (One of the workers explained to me that you weren’t even able to see the houses from the road before the recent hurricanes – meaning in the last few years. The estates lost lots of trees.) The museum and lab was on one side of the road – the house and the gardens on the other. At 9:00 in the morning, I was the only visitor on the house/garden side – so I enjoyed simply wandering around looking at everything. The sky was rather stormy and I wanted to do the outdoor part before the rains poured down.  The yards were full of unusual plants and trees since Edison was constantly experimenting (In fact, do you know he invented the curling iron?)  One of his focuses was rubber, so lots of the trees have some kind of rubber-type material.

Anyhow – here’s what I saw.

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