Ok, you’d think a blogger and a person who craves photo ops would’ve had her camera ready for the crazy thing she did tonight.

Didn’t happen.

See, lately my life has been rather busy with five states in six weeks and all that. Not that life hasn’t been enjoyable. I’ve had a great conference season, meeting great people. Anyhow, to fight against that stressed-out feeling I’ve even been taking my comp days on schedule which is not something I’ve always done in past years.

However, the comp days haven’t been exactly relaxing. The first one was spent talking the people at the gas company into turning my gas back on. YES, I PAID MY BILL.  The problem was they put in a new meter and had to turn the gas off. Which makes logical sense to me, except they did this when no one was around, so that meant calling them and attempting to get them here to turn it back on. They said they would be here by 10:00 a.m. that Monday, so I patiently waited. Of course, they were a little bit late and me just coming home from a trip, it would’ve been nice to have a stove, a dryer and most of all hot water for a comforting shower. They showed up at five, but wouldn’t hook up the furnace. (I think it might have had something to do with it being put together with duct tape – but hey, I had a trustworthy furnace guy do that and it served me well for two years.)

Anyhow, I left again. Next comp day I spent at the car shop – nothing serious, just a bunch of little stuff that added up to a big bill. I need to reanalyze if the fact that they know me by name really does have anything to do with them being trustworthy. Though the car drives infinitely smoother and it wasn’t even that rough before. 

Anyhow, I left again. This last time I decided to do something about the furnace. Which I did, calling a trustworthy furnace person that I know who is in the process of taking out the old and putting in the new and it will be just fine. (The old furnace served us well for 22 years, so it’s probably due for the furnace graveyard.)

So tonight, I hurried home from work because I had to finish a writing assignment (haven’t looked at it yet), mow at least half the lawn (actually did that)  and make a fruit-type salad for a baby shower I need to go to tomorrow.

No problem. I would make pretzel salad. I’ve done this before off Connie’s recipe (and if you don’t know Connie,  just trust me that she makes good pretzel salad), but I couldn’t find her recipe, so I got one off the web. Seemed similar enough.

I started out well with the pretzel crust part and the cream cheese/Cool Whip part. Then my problems began. The recipe said to use a 6 oz box of Jello with two cups of water and a 10 oz. package of strawberries.

Did that and the jello layer was about 1/45 of an inch thick. THAT SHOULD’VE BEEN MY FIRST PHOTO OP.

I added the strawberries and there were only about 10 of them and they floated around on top of the 1/45 inch of jello looking very lost and abandoned. (Abandoned strawberries are not a pretty sight.)


What to do? If I could only drown the strawberries with an additional box of jello, they wouldn’t look so abandoned. But I wasn’t about to go out to the store. Hmmmm … maybe I just happened to have strawberry jello in my pantry.

Well, actually no – although I do have about 37 boxes of lime jello, thanks to that family seafoam salad tradition. (Another post.)

But I did find a box of orange jello.  If I poured the orange jello into the red jello who would REALLY know the difference?  So that’s what I did and just like I figured the orange and red morphed together and no one will know the difference and all the strawberries are drowned in a sea of swirled colors. THIRD PHOTO OP.

Only one problem. When I poured the orange over the red, the impact made little pieces of the cream cheese float through the jello, making it look like algae on the Red Sea – and rather, ummm, gross.

Hey, I haven’t done this pw/potluck dinner stuff for 35 years for nothing.

Tomorrow I’m stopping at the store on the way to work and buying myself some more Cool Whip. After all, what can’t be covered up with Cool Whip?

And my three-layer jello will have five layers.

And that’s that.

2 thoughts on “WHATEVER …”

  1. Linda~ thanks for the very kind words!! I will email you the pretzel salad recipe. Glad your conferences have been going well. Praying for you. Connie

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