Ok, so this was the first snow day. The first day of the season that I woke up to an hour commute on a snowy and still continuing-to-snow world.

But hey, after last year – what’s a little snow?

Every thing started fine. The roads weren’t all that bad and even though it was taking longer than usual, no big deal.

And then I turned off a side road onto a main road … and traffic stopped. By this time it was 8:00 (I was supposed to be at work), but I don’t think anyone cared – in fact, I think everyone around me was supposed to be at work, too. Right after I turned onto the road, a police car blocked the entrance – guiding everyone else to take another route. Somewhere there had been an accident and we (me and the other cars)were totally blocked in.

So we sat. At 8:15, I finally turned off the car. I watched the guy in front of me get out of his car and walk to the nearby McDonalds. I e-mailed my kids.

They e-mailed me back.

Jeff sent me a picture of summer. Then he sent me another picture of him sitting at his computer working – in his warm house.

At 8:20, I put a status on FaceBook.

(Actually, technology is unbelievable – that I could e-mail my kids, update FaceBook AND receive photos from Jeff – all while sitting in my car on the road … waiting.)

I sat. I thought about work. Then I decided to be thankful and thanked the Lord I was sitting and not actually IN the accident.

At 8:40, traffic finally started moving again.

I was on my way.

Ok, two-hour trip to work.

I’m done with snowy roads. Is it spring yet?

(Actually I like snow – on Saturdays.)

2 thoughts on “OH, HAPPY SNOW!”

  1. That’s pretty crazy. Glad I wasn’t a participant.

    You’re so fortunate to have such a great son who can encourage you by reminding you of summer and warmth! 😉

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