So, I started this sunny Saturday by going to my dear daughter’s Start the New Year Healthy Party otherwise known as her Be Fit House Party. She invited a personal trainer to talk to us about fitness and nutrition and fed her guests carrots, celery and water. We learned much about protein, carbs,  fat and functional exercise. We were then sent out into the big, sugar-coated, deep-fried world to make good food choices.

My next stop was the grocery store, where having the dangers of fatty foods still bouncing off my brain, I quite righteously passed up the candy, cookies, baked goods, chips, ice cream and even the free samples given out by the friendly pizza lady. Instead I even more righteously filled up my cart with oranges, V8, tuna, halibut, chicken breasts and cheese. I looked with disdain at others loading up on calorie-laden, packaged preservatives. What were THEY THINKING?

I was determined.

I could do this.

I WOULD do this.

I checked out.

Went through the McDonald’s Drive-Thru for my sweet tea …

And headed home.

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