Yep, another random photo. Well, actually two random photos.

This is the first plane I ever rode in. I guess I should’ve been worried, but I wasn’t. This was a castoff from the U.S. that they had either given or sold to Cuba. My parents said it looked like it wouldn’t get too far. I was just excited because my dad bought me gum and my dad NEVER, EVER bought me gum. He said people who chewed gum looked like cows chewing their cud. Oh, well … on this day, he bought me gum which totally made up for the fact that I was in an unsafe, probably-not-going-to-make-it-airplane.

But we did make it. This is the city of Havana as we are coming in for the landing.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll actually think of something to write about.  (I still have my ticket from that plane ride.)

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