This post actually begins 12 or 13 years ago. Not sure exactly how many.

I was in Nashville for the EPA Convention. I roomed with Karen and we had an exceptionally cool corner room, glassed on two sides – overlooking one of the busiest downtown intersections. During the day we learned about publishing and at night we sat on the windowsill and discussed our upbringings as PKs – and waited for our husbands to call. Nate would call from home, but Ken was in Kansas City with Don Scharbert attending a church technology conference during the day – and at night, searching out the best Kansas City steak place within a 100-mile radius. Sometimes when Ken called, they would’ve just come from “the greatest steak ever” or sometimes they were still on their way to “the greatest steak”.  And one night, they were lost the entire 30 minutes I talked to them. Ken would start a sentence and then stop and say, “No, Donald – not THAT way!” They had me laughing so hard, I was crying.

But the steak place that made the biggest impression on Ken was Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse.

“I’ve got to take you there sometime,” Ken told me.

Well, about two years later at Christmas, we saw our opportunity. We had enough Hampton Inn Points to stay for a night in the city – and the Hampton Inn was connected to a Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse. Perfect. We had had a hard fall and this seemed like a good break. We could enjoy dinner and look at the Christmas lights. We made the reservations and everything was planned.

And then I got strep throat.

So much for that little getaway.

“I’ve got to take you to a Ruth’s Chris Steak House,” Ken said. “We’ll get there. I promise.”

But months went by and then years went by and …

Alas, we didn’t get there.

Then, within this past year, a new Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse opened close to work. I said I wanted to go sometime and Jenny said she’d go with me. We literally planned to go about six or seven times and stuff just kept happening. I began to think I was destined to never get there.

Once again we planned to go – yesterday. Then we heard there was freezing rain still we decided to risk it.

Now, let me say right here – Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse is not cheap. Yet there are dozens and dozens of reviews on the web proclaiming it is the best steak ever and that everyone has to go to Ruth’s Chris at least once in their life time.

And if you order the steak – well, that’s ALL you get except for a loaf of bread. So Jenny and I both ordered the petite filet and asparagus (which is $9.00 extra). Then our server told us that we would have enough asparagus for two servings, so she suggested we order another side in place of one of the asparagus orders. She suggested the au gratin potatoes.

The seared steak is seasoned only with salt and pepper. (The good taste, our server claimed, comes from the high quality of beef.)  The steaks are then topped with butter and served on plates that are heated to 500 degrees – so it’s good NOT to touch them. The butter on the hot plates makes the steaks sizzle as they are placed in front of you.

Yes, the steak was excellent.

As were the asparagus and the au gratin potatoes.

I savored every bite.

9 thoughts on “I MADE IT!”

  1. I can attest that the steak was indeed delicious. Probably the best steak I have ever tasted. Get there for a special occasion if you can….The Schaumburg one is open early on Valentine’s day, by the way.

  2. Hmmm … are you planning on sharing this post with anyone, Jenny? I mean … the Valentine’s Day thing and all?

  3. That is a place my husband has dreamed about going, too. I’ve heard it is super-expensive, as you said. It does sound like it would be fun–just once, at least. 🙂

  4. It’s very delicious, Allison. With just the basics – the smallest steak and the two sides (we drank water) – it cost us $63.00. That’s with tax, tip everything. We had both saved some money from our Christmas bonus so it didn’t make it quite as hard to take.

  5. Honestly, it’s what I expected, because it was what an internet friend told me. For now, we’ll keep dreaming, but maybe someday. 🙂 Thanks!

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