Well, as everyone in the U.S. knows by now, we were awakened by things that go bump in the night – a 3.8 earthquake.  This is the second earthquake I’ve experienced. The last time I was talking to my mom on the phone from my dorm room at Moody. She was 35 miles away. We both noticed things shaking at the same time.

And we’ve had a lot of snow – but not quite as much as other people further east, still enough for someone to knock my mailbox halfway off the post. I’m not sure if it was the mailman or the snowplow, so I can’t really call either one to see if they would fix it. But I know it was either one or the other.

Oh, well … at least I’ve been working at home this week  on a major project so I haven’t had to worry about driving in the weather.

So that’s good 🙂

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