This hasn’t been a bad week, just a week of isolation.

I spent a lot of it in my home office looking at peach walls and writing about wisdom.

So, last night I figured it was time to come up for air.  I did that by watching the opening ceremonies with my daughter and munchkins.

Which is only fitting.

I had two very easy pregnancies.  I only experienced morning sickness for two hot, August weeks when I was pregnant with Kelli.  I couldn’t keep anything down but watermelon.

I was smart enough to time those two weeks during the summer Olympics – so for two weeks, I curled up on the couch, ate watermelon and immersed myself in pole-vaulting, balance beam and high dives. By the closing ceremonies I was ready to go and the little baby inside of me had become a huge fan of all things Olympic.  Only made sense to once again share the joy with her. 🙂  (And she also likes watermelon.)

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