I’ve done posts before about the traditional February wandering day.

Well, another very fun wandering day is now complete.

First, we thought about going to Chicago, but after sitting through two meetings at work  yesterday with my chair facing the beautiful, sun-filled woods behind the building – I decided I was ready for something outdoors.

So, this morning we (Kelli, munchkins and I) headed south to Starved Rock. The sun (yes, there really is such a thing) shone brightly on the snow-covered woods. Our thought was to do some hiking and see if we could spot some eagles. (Eagles are prevalent near Illinois waterways especially throughout the months of late winter.)

We wandered around the visitor’s center for a few minutes, spending the most time (about 1 minutes and 7 seconds) learning how to be good fur traders – just in case we ever need to put that sort of thing into practice.

But mostly we wanted to get out on the trails. Unfortunately though we were dressed for the cold, we weren’t dressed well enough for the cold. However, an even worse problem were the trails themselves. I think if they had been covered with newly-fallen snow, they would’ve been fine. But, they had been covered with snow and then the snow had melted and then the snow had frozen again which left the paths covered in hard, icy ruts.  On the level paths, not a problem, but since where we wanted to go was up –  a big problem.

A slip was understandable or maybe that should be underfallable.

(To be continued.)

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