Tonight I was on FaceBook at the same time as one of my closest friends and we ended up chatting for a good hour or so. Before we said “goodnight,” I asked her what I should blog about and she said “old friends.”

And that made me think of this.


You know those awkward moments of life – those moments when something is said and the words sort of float around space waiting for someone to grasp hold of them, put them back in order and reclaim the unawkwardness?

We all have those moments. We all have many of them.

One of mine happened way back when Ken and I were getting ready to move from Michigan to Wisconsin. That was a difficult move simply because we didn’t want to move from the tiny town with the people who had become (and still are) our extended family. But Ken had been called to a church in Wisconsin and we prayed about it and talked about it and felt it was what the Lord wanted us to do.

But that didn’t make it any easier and for the four weeks after Ken resigned we said a lot of good-byes and shed a lot of tears. The way we felt was not a secret.

About a week before we moved, the church ladies took me out to lunch. As we were sitting around the restaurant table, one of them handed me an envelope with a card inside.  They all watched expectantly as I opened it up and read the sweet message – then I noticed the check from the Ladies Guild.

But instead of money on the amount line, someone had written”one depression.” I furtively glanced around – everyone was still looking at me expectantly.

Awkward. Why were they giving me a check that said one depression, was I not depressed enough?

Silently I waited for someone to explain, but no one did, no one said a word. People chattered around us, enjoying their lunches and we sat – me, panicking desperately trying to think of something to say and my friends waiting for me to say SOMETHING.

Finally, I said “thank you,” and we went back to our lunch.

A couple days later, one of the ladies said to me, “When are you choosing your dish?”

Suddenly I got it!  They were offering me my choice of a piece of depression glass from the church’s historical collection.

Wow! I still remember that moment, sitting there with those ladies.

So, yes, I’m writing about old friends – and even older glass.

And fortunately, I still have both.

Aren’t you glad that  God understands all our moments – even the awkward ones?

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