Well, the 1300 people from Summit headed home – except for one. Cindy from Califorinia (hereafter known as CFC).  So I guess that meant that only 1299 people went home – because CFC came home with me. (CFC’s job in California is helping churches start Awana Clubs and helping churches that have Awana Clubs find answers to any questions they might have.)

Anyhow, we headed to the Kane County Cougar Game since being from California, CFC is an Oakland A’s fan and the Cougars are an As minor league team.

Let me just say, it was cold.

We got our tickets from Dale and LuAnn (otherwise known as the king and queen of minor league ball parks) who have season passes, but could not use their passes

A random kid seeks attention.

since LuAnn just had shoulder surgery (and is thankfully doing well). Dale and LuAnn have been to so many

Some people are better doors than windows.

minor league ball parks that they actually had a newspaper article written about their ballpark adventures. If you build a minor league ballpark, they will come.

I digress.

As I said, the weather was cold and the “theme” of the night was Oberweiss Dairy, who greeted the fans with cups of chocolate milk. Not the best timing in the world – to think about cold milk and ice cream on a 45 degree and windy night. But it still was several steps above the game where each fan received a roll of toilet paper. I kid you not.

This was Ozzie Reading Night – so all the kids who read a lot of books this past year got to walk around the field with Ozzie (which the 10yo did one year). As usual, there were a lot of kids.

Not much action in the game for several innings. The Cougars were playing the Beloit Snappers and I’ve been trying to figure that out – what do snapping turtles have to do with Beloit. Do they really have more turtles than the average town?  (Then again, where are the cougars in Kane County?)

Did I say it was cold?

We both had winter coats on and a blanket over our legs and a lot of people nearby were drinking hot chocolate, but I was too cold to get up and get some.

Finally, around the eighth inning with the Cougars losing 2-0, we left and missed the Snappers scoring their last four runs.

But it was fun and we had even more fun the next day …

Oh, did I say it was cold?

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