1. We heard some information about what the new health care reform would mean to us financially – scary.

2. I talked to many leader-people and answered many leader-people questions because for some reason, I received many leader-people phone calls today.

3. I talked to the first group of Awana miss. from West Virginia, Ohio, Nebraska, Georgia, Minnesota, North Dakota, Kentucky, Iowa and … I’m sure I forgot someone! They’re in for their annual HQ training.

4. I turned down free Chipolte for bland macaroni salad.

5. The Wednesday Word Jumble was more difficult than usual today. I think a lot of it had to do with the word typhus. Although it’s  word we know, it’s not a word you expect in a word jumble anymore than bronchoscopy or something.

6. I experienced a FIRST!  I received my very, first ever e-mail from a grandchild. Well, I’ve received e-mail from her before, but not from her personal e-mail address.

7. I worked out a solution to a situation which helped at least three people in a rather ingenious problem-solving way.

8. I’m done listing things about my day.

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