Today was one of those mixed-up-types of days.

1. I sat in a waiting room, listening to a receptionist answer phones for 80 different businesses!  No, all 80 phones didn’t ring at once, but I have no idea how she kept track of them. So, I asked her. She explained to me that she wasn’t the usual person who did it, she was simply filling in for the regular lady — and yes, she often got very confused and ….  The phone rang.

2. I sat on a plush, leather chair in a lawyer’s office doing sitting-in-a-lawyer’s office-types-of-things. Mostly signing legal documents (like power of attorney forms).

3. I mowed part of my front lawn. The part that isn’t still soggy from all the rain.

4. I listened to someone recite the book of Jonah from memory.

4. And I played bocce ball which is something I’ve never done before.

See, our catalog is out and the people who were in charge of the catalog decided to take everyone involved in producing the catalog out to lunch for a we-are-done-celebration. (My part, by the way, was not near as time-consuming as the part played by other people. I simply read descriptions of program department products and made sure the description was accurate in what it was describing.)

We went to Pinstripes, which is a fairly new restaurant and which I’ve been to once before – again with people from work. That day we only ate lunch, but the food was great!

Today, we had about 20 in our group and so they did a buffet lunch for us between the bocce ball courts.

Afterwards, Mike, the server explained how to play and I do understand it, but don’t know that I could explain it well without actually being on the court. The whole thing kind of reminded me of curling, but off the ice.  The winning team at Pinstripes is the first to earn 7 points. Everyone in our group (on our court) enjoyed it and we’re thinking about going back sometime.

On the other side of the lobby, they had bowling and part of our larger group tried that.


  1. Looks like a neat restaurant. What a fun way to celebrate! And well-deserved, too.

    I got my first look at the new catalog last Sunday. Love it!

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