Ticks are an unavoidable part of life in Rhinelander.  We know quite a few people who have lymes disease, though the doctors have learned that a full month of antibiotics does the trick for most people.  One lady we know, however, had to have heart surgery, and she still suffers from dehabilitating headaches. 

I tend to freak out about them in the spring, but by the start of summer, it’s just one of those things you don’t like, but you deal with.  And the way I deal with a tick crawling on me is to call one of my kids to get it off.  Usually they come quickly because they think I am being attacked by an intruder.

Anyway, the worst tick episode happened when our family was out geocaching.  It was the last one of the day, and we were tired and hungry.  This happened to be a particularily hard geocache to reach because it was in the middle of a dense area of forest, with no trail leading to it. Plus, the mosquitoes were really swarming around us, so I was not a happy mamma.

But I was relieved to see a grassy meadow, which we could walk through to get to our car instead of going back through the woods, so I headed that way without consulting my husband.  We waded single file through the long grass, happy to be away from the mosquitoes. Unfortunately, I happened to look down, and that is when I saw DOZENS of ticks on my legs.  The moment is fuzzy, but I believe I might have screamed.

My girls took off running, Jacob freaked out, and Jeff, well he was pretty calm.  Apparently, because he was the last person in line, we picked up all the ticks for him. 

For the next week, we were finding ticks crawling in our car. 

Now, when we are geocaching in grassy areas, I just sit happily in the car and have the kids go find it.

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